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Almost every panel we make will not need cutting to use these speakers. Want to keep your car unmolested with the best sound possible? This is the speaker for you. 

Point Source meaning the tweeter is built into the woofer so it's all one piece. 

Morel’s cutting-edge design gives the Virtus Nano Carbon and Virtus Nano Integra Carbon systems an ultra-slim profile (Registered U.S Pat. No. 11,057,696) to fit where other speakers cannot. The 6.5-inch woofers measure only 0.7 inches (17mm) deep, making them the shallowest speakers in-car audio. It’s an engineering feat that uses an innovative suspension design, a highly powerful Neo magnet system, a 2.1” Hexatech aluminum voice coil, and a grand dome carbon fiber sandwich cone. 

 While the Virtus Nano Carbon may be shallow, it doesn’t trade off performance. The dynamic range and rich bass will get you engaged in your music while the detailed and natural sound will make you “see” the music.