Spray Wax Detail Spray

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Fesler Spray Wax detail spray,

Spray Wax is the icing on the cake after washing your vehicle. Make your paint color, plastics, and any surface pop to hit that level of clean and shine we know you’ve been looking for. Once applied, Spray Wax creates an antistatic barrier that lasts up to two weeks, just in time for your next wash and application! This barrier rejects dust, and water while protecting surfaces from UV damage. You will find Spray Wax in many vehicles and garages as a reliable go-to for that glossy finishing touch or freshly detailed look. 


About Fesler Detail Products

Engineered in Fesler’s own shop in Scottsdale, AZ and test on Fesler’s own projects, Fesler Detail products are tested and approved before they are produced and bottled on site for sale. Fesler Detail products can be purchased from Fesler’s website or online. All parts of the products, from the contents to the packaging, is made in the U.S.A.